New direction for the Fellowship for British Hairdressing

Following its 75th anniversary, the Fellowship for British Hairdressing has unveiled its plans for the next 75 years to come – with new initiatives, a new direction and new faces to lead it into the future.


With President Robert Eaton at the helm, the Fellowship is embracing the diversity of the industry, the challenges it faces and the opportunities available with the launch of its Executive Board, Fellowship members who have come together to share ideas, inspirations and determination to take the British hairdressing industry to new levels. Each member not only brings a wealth of experience, but will also be responsible for driving the Fellowship forward.


Robert explains: “The launch of our dedicated Executive Board is about recognising the great work that has already been done, celebrating our heritage and driving the Fellowship forward in a fresh and modern way.”


The Executive Board members are:

Robert Eaton, President

Ashleigh Hodges, Vice President

Andreas Stavrou, Chair

Michelle Griffin, Vice Chair

Karoliina Saunders, Chancellor

Colin McAndrew, Head of Business

Nick Irwin, Head of Creative

Simon Shaw, Head of Education

Ken Picton, Head of Finance

Barry Stephens, CEO


Rob added: “Hairdressing is an exciting career and our Executive Board want to inspire people both new to the industry and those who have worked in the industry for many years. We will be collaborating and bringing the industry together from all corners of the UK and inspiring, educating and motivating salon owners, salon stylists, freelance independent stylists and barbers, as well as our product houses and our press. Working together we want to re-energise the next generation and make them realise what a diverse, inclusive and exciting industry this really is.”


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The Fellowship for British Hairdressing was founded in 1946 as the Fellowship of Hair Artists of Great Britain and over the years has grown in stature and now covers many areas of the professional hairdressing industry. The independent, non-political organisation is run by our members, focusing on promoting artistic and creative quality, and providing support for future hairdressing talent keen to make their own mark in the industry. All the projects are designed to nurture sills and provide a career pathway – ClubStar, PROJECT: XPROJECT: Colour and PROJECT: Men and the coveted F.A.M.E. Team.  

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