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We must take care! Our customers, in general, are not adequately informed of the true state of their hair.

Misled by the advertising, which shows how easy, how instantaneous everything is, what they are taught to believe is distant to the reality we see every day. So far from the truth.

We must learn to inform them. For it is we who are the professionals!

Television “de-educates”: A mask completely restores your hair in just two minutes and works miracles.... (!?)

Head lice... gone, in just 5 minutes!!!!

Who are they fooling?

Thank goodness there are still many of our clients who remain sensible and realise (for example) they have split ends and place themselves in our hands, despite the many “dark tales” told, like hairdryers spoil your hair (false example), as do irons … (although for sure there are women who do spoil their hair by misusing them at home). And the truth is that it is only we who can (and should) teach them the odd trick and, most especially, show them what hair is about, how it naturally deteriorates and how to care for it. And, even better... how we can care for it for them!

We must communicate with and teach our customers, show them it is we alone who can help them – so much more than the television!!

Lovingly... but making sure they get the message!

... And, never failing to convey to them the hope of SPRING, which is just around the corner. A time for renewal!

lluis llongueras

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